"One of a kind" castles sold 
made by The Castle Works Co.
(all of these pieces have been sold)
Fortress Castles

Many of our buildings shown below include working doors and fully
landscaped areas for displays and wargaming fun.

Castle Works Co.
Email at castleworks5@gmail.com
Tel # (732) 431- 1784

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Scale = 25mm
Scale = 54mm-70mm

Small Fort Scene with square keep
SOLD - $110.00

Small fort tower with stairs
SOLD - $175.00

Small Fort tower scene
SOLD - $80.00

Long castle walkway
SOLD - $150.00

Large Castle Scene with round furnishable keep
SOLD - $500.00

Large Inn & Tavern with bar room and several interior rooms
SOLD - $450.00

Slightly ruined large Castle Scene with furnishable keep inside
SOLD - $500.00

Fort scene with separate furnishable house
SOLD - $375.00

Small furnishable fort scene with removable battlement roof
SOLD - $225.00

Small castle tower scene
SOLD - $110.00

Medium Castle Scene with furnishable house & gate
SOLD - $550.00

Medium Castle with gate and thick tower
SOLD - $350.00

Large Castle Scene with furnishable house
SOLD - $460.00

Castle house with battlement front
SOLD - $425.00

Castle Works Co.
We can build most any type of castle custom made,
to your own general specifications. Feel free to call or email us.

Tel # (732) 431- 1784
Email at castleworks5@gmail.com

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Fortress Castles

The Castle Works Company