Fortress Castles
Silver Ridge 
Keep of Honesty
24" wide by 19" deep and 10" tall

Email welcomed at admin@ModelCastles.US
Tel #  (848) 444- 8172

* Removable roof with three interior rooms.
* Very strong construction. Doors are made from genuine mahogany.
* Doors open, close and lock.
* Entirely hand-made. For use with all figures from 15mm to 40mm in size.
   (Figures and furnishings not included)

Silver Ridge Keep of Honesty

$500.00 plus shipping
Landscaping included

50% deposit required. The balance plus shipping 
is due when the castle is ready, which takes about one month to build. 

Send check or money order to;
Castle Works Co.
Freehold, NJ 07728

Email welcomed at admin@ModelCastles.US
Tel #  (848) 444- 8172


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Our model castles are perfect for 25mm and 54mm miniature figures. Honesty. Keep of Honesty. Great Keep of Honesty.